• Pain management for Ponies

    all animals are entitled to five freedoms: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom to express normal behavior; freedom from fear and distress;
  • Product Review: What is Iodine?

    Dean Hendrickson, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, professor of equine surgery at Colorado State University in Fort Collins said that although owners’ and vets’ intentions are good, “most wound-cleaning agents
  • Product Review: Equine Stamina

    Horses are known for their stamina. Throughout history, they are widely used for racing, pleasure riding, farming, transportation, trailing, warfare, and hunting. 
  • Product Review: Hooflex

    For Optimal hoof care is needed for horses to maintain its toughness and moisture. According to Pet Assure, horse hooves should be cleaned daily especially before and after riding sessions.
  • Protect your Hooves!

    Aside from those regular care routines, you can also use hoof packing products such as Magic Cushion. This magnificent product is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic packing that simply provides long-lasting and fast-acting relief for overworked and overheated hooves