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Su-per® PulomShield Powder dietary supplement made of vitamins, minerals and specific herbal extracts which work to minimize the occurrence of bleeding by maintaining and strengthening the capillaries and blood vessels. Calopohyll will help to limit the occurrence of bleeding and maintain optimum health and performance.Powder with a rice hull base and molasses and apple flavor. Four pound contain yields 32 serves when feed at 2 ounces level.

Feeding Recommendation: Give 2 ounces daily. Four days prior to strenous work, increase to 4 ounces daily

Ingredients per 2 ounces:
Vitamin A - 25,000 IU, Vitamin D3 - 625 IU, Grape Seed Extract/Bioflavonoid Complex - 500 mg each, Hawthorn - 300 mg, Horsetail - 200 mg, Vitamin E - 30 IU, and the optimum amount of Chlorophyll.

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