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Poison Peanut Mole and Gopher Killer when you have a pesky rodent problem that you need to solve. These handy peanut pellets act as bait and killer for both moles and gophers. The peanuts contain Zinc Phosphide as an active ingredient for effective extermination of these unwanted visitors.

Sweeney's Mole and Gopher Poison Peanuts Bait

Kills Moles Quickly

Stop lawn damage fast with America's top selling mole and gopher bait. Sweeney's Poison Peanuts attract moles and gophers - when consumed, the fast-acting poison kills them swiftly.

Application Tips to Help Win the War

Prior to treatment, determine which tunnels are active by either pressing down a small section of the tunnel or removing a one inch section of the tunnel’s roof. Mark these sections and re-check them in 24-hours. The tunnel is considered active if the flattened runway has been raised up or if the roof has been repaired. Only treat active tunnels.

After identifying active tunnels, carefully punch a hole in the top of the active tunnel with the pointed end of the cone, drop in a teaspoon of the pellets, and carefully close the hole with sod or stone. Do not collapse the runway again or allow loose soil to cover the bait. After a few days, check the tunnels to see if they are still active. If so, repeat treatment until the war has been won.


Wearing waterproof gloves, collect and dispose of dead, exposed animals. Dispose of leftover bait in accordance with the disposal instructions on the package.

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