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More like nature intended.

In a natural state, a horse grazes constantly, chewing for many hours a day and producing gallons of acid-buffering saliva that keeps their stomach healthy. The modern horse often has limited access to pasture and hay; they are fed large grain meals and often lead busy, stressful lives. This can result in less chewing time and reduced saliva production, both of which that leave the horse prone to gastric health issues.

Why choose Neigh-Lox?

Neigh-Lox’s unique patented formula aids in the maintenance of a normal stomach environment by supporting normal gastric acid levels and a healthy mucosal lining.

Long-acting Neigh-Lox maintains a normal stomach environment for up to 8 hours.

Research shows gastric health issues are found among all horses.

It has been documented that 93% of horses in race training,  nearly 60% of other performance horses, and  57% of all foals face gastric health issues. Recreational horses and broodmares are also at risk.

A research project  conducted on a band of broodmares at the University of California, Davis revealed that even though the mares had not been exposed to the conditions conducive to gastric health issues,  the occurrence of gastric acid imbalances in the mares was approximately 70%. Research done on recreational horses showed that imbalances were noted within  a couple of days when horses are stressed due to travel or other seemingly minor changes in their routine.

Support a normal stomach environment with Neigh-Lox.

  • Neigh-Lox has the capacity to support a normal environment  for a long period of time (minimum 6-8 hours); most digestive supplements do so for a much shorter period.
  • Neigh-Lox maintains a healthy stomach by supporting normal gastric acid levels and a healthy mucosal lining.
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