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Healthy Coat Gallon

Healthy Coat Gallon

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Healthy Coat for Horses

Supplies the highest quality Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Biotin, B-vitamins and lecithin for healthy skin and coat, strong hooves, and highly digestible calories for performance, breeding, or thin horses without causing nervousness. It enhances the immune system and helps maintain healthy joints.


  • For an average horse, add 1 to 4 oz daily to feed
  • For more difficult skin and coat need, you may feed up to 8 oz


  • Brand: Healthy Coat
  • Form: Liquid
  • Ingredients: Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids,Biotin,B-Vitamins,Lecithin
  • Size: Quart, Gallon (32-128 Servings),2½ Gallon (80-320 Servings)
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