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Cowboy Magic Conditioner 32OZ

Cowboy Magic Conditioner 32OZ

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The solution to dry, dull, lifeless hair, coats, manes and tails. Cowboy Magic Rosewater conditioner provides some pretty slick moisturizing and detangling benefits, plus its easy to rinse out leaving hair smooth and silky With a new healthy look and feel that is easy to brush and comb "smells good too".

  • It is concentrated, to be used straight or dilute 20 to 1
  • As it is massaged in, the formula will dissolve mineral and chemical buildup deposited by water. After rinsing, the hair will be left in an ultra clean, almost virgin state
  • Silk and pantheon penetrate hair and skin, moisturizing and adding body to hair
  • It is long lasting, neutralizing the hair by demineralizing, it can last for more than a week depending on the water you use and what other treatments are put on the hair after neutralization
  • The formula is very concentrated and a small amount goes a long way
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