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Bluebonnet Intensify Senior 50Lb

Bluebonnet Intensify Senior 50Lb

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Intensify Senior Therapy is a dust-free feed specially designed for seniors and horses with sensitive digestive systems. This product contains high quality protein sources and elevated fat levels, and may be used for growth, performance, breeding, and maintenance horses of all ages. Intensify Senior Therapy may be fed as a complete feed without hay or pasture but may also be used with hay or pasture if desired. This Bluebonnet® product contains “Intensify Technology” which combines cutting edge nutrition with high quality ingredients and specialized milling processes to create one of the most advanced equine feeds on the market.

  • Probiotics and yeast culture are included at guaranteed levels for excellent digestive health.
  • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific names of the ingredients in this feed.
  • Elevated levels of Vitamin E for anti-oxidant support.
  • Contains reduced carbohydrate and starch levels.
  • Contains “Cool Energy” calories from premium fat sources rich in omega fatty acids.
  • Kelp seaweed meal is included for increased micronutrient support.
  • Critical amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin levels are guaranteed on the label.
  • Contains organic minerals and organic selenium yeast.
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