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Animalintex Poultice Pad

Animalintex Poultice Pad

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Animalintex is a veterinary poultice dressing. Animalintex works effectively as a cold poultice to reduce swelling, stiffness and soreness and as a hot poultice to draw abscesses and infections. Animalintex can also use as an antiseptic dry dressing.

Made of cotton wool impregnated with an antiseptic to promote faster healing and a natural poulticing agent.
The backing helps retain moisture and warmth and also protects the wound from external contamination.
Use as a hot poultice for abscess, boils, infected wounds, cracked heels, thorns, laminitis, seedy toe, corns.
Use as a cold poultice for strains, sprains, sore shins, splints, bruises, capped hocks/elbows.
Use as a dry dressing over open wounds or for pressure padding.
Clean and easy to work with.

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