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Breathe Easy EquiPulmin

Breathe Easy EquiPulmin

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Keeping your horse happy and healthy allows them to perform or work at their best. EquiPulmin Breathe Easy Herbal Respiratory Treatment is a holistic solution for treating horses with lung and breathing disorders as well as providing optimal breathing for a healthy horse to perform at the highest level. 

Throughly tested in North America on hundreds of racehorses, this formula has proven to open airways, eliminate mucus and cough, and keep your horse's respiratory system in balance. By using a synergistic blend of premium grade herbs, EquiPulmin can be administered just prior to workout as well as used daily to maintain a healthy horse. 

Due to the herbal blend of ingredients, the holistic properties of EquiPulmin and variety of horse's needs, dosages may vary from horse to horse. There is no risk or negative side effects involved by using more than the recommended amount.

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